CincoBilly Vintage Pin Up Beauty Pageant

A Pageant made for fun and bringing back the Past

Ms. CincoBilly

The Reigning Event Champion who will be representing CincoBilly for 2023.

Ms. PsychoBilly

She's got Spunk, she's got style, She's got that punk,  she's that wild side but keeps it classy.

Ms. SilverBilly

That Class that shows all the classes how its done. With age there is beauty and wisdom.  Starting at 50 years young and older

Ms. NorcoBilly

Carrying that HillyBilly, Country Style Horse Loving Look.

Pageant Coordinator & Host
"Miss Elvi Pearl"

Rules & Guidelines
* All Participants Must bring a Positive Attitude to the Pageant.
* No Negativity towards Anyone or a Contestant.
* Each Contestant Can Choose The Ms. CincoBilly Title and one other Title to compete in.
* Drink Responsible - will not be allowed on stage if intoxicated.

* Always Represent the event in a Professional Manner at the Venue or off site during the event dates.
* No outside Beverages, food or coolers allowed.
* Be on time to all Stage Call Times and scheduled activities by the Pageant Coordinator
          - Being on time is being Late - Being 15 min early is on time
* Contestants must be 18 years or Older
* All Outfits must be presentable and respectful or will be ask to change
            - The event is a ALL ages event from tiny Children to Great Grandparents - all will represent the event with family class.

Email for your Registration form to Miss Elvi Pearl  or

Pre Registrations will receive a Pin Up Pageant Goodie Bag and a Invitation to The Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion February 16-18, 2024

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